Pricing Overview

price overview at the Meadow Brook Farms

Purchasing hay by the ton will ensure you are getting what you pay for. If you look at our pricing chart , you will see that paying $6.50 for a 65lb bale would be cheaper/ton than $4.95 for a 33lb bale. If you only have one horse, a 5 lb/bale difference may not add up to much, but for larger barns this can save hundreds of dollars. To submit a pricing quote, click here!


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"This hay is the best I've ever tasted- your horses will love it too!"
~ Jackson the Thoroughbred

Pricing Components

  • Quality

    quality price component

    Hay that is cut early with good color, smell, and feed value will be priced higher than hay made late or that has been rained on. The hay should be dust and mold free. Weeds are also another concern, some can be toxic and others may not taste good causing hay and money to be wasted. We test our hay to ensure that your horses receive a high quality product. Refer to our Quality Guarantee.

  • Bale Size

    bale size price component

    Small square bales (40-80lbs) are normally most expensive due to the increased labor involved with production and handling. Medium and large square bales (500-2000lbs) and round bales (400-750lbs) are normally less expensive due to the decrease in labor.

  • Order Size

    order size price component

    Full trailer loads will maximize efficiency and allow us to deliver your product in the most cost effective manner. Smaller deliveries are easily completed and we offer many options from elevators, hand trucks and plenty of labor if needed. Routine delivery can be arranged from 20 to 1000 bales.

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